Preventive Care

Dental Cleanings and Exams

Having a routine schedule with your dental cleanings and evaluations is essential to maintain a good oral health. During your visit, our highly trained hygienists focus on assessing your gum conditions, diligently removing plaque/tartar, and followed by flossing and polishing your healthy smile.

We utilize dental x-rays that will indicate any decay or damaging dental conditions. This is a necessary part of a recall check-up exam by allowing our dentists to thoroughly evaluate and re-visit areas that need attention. Our dentists recommend you come in for your routine preventive care every six months. Some patients are encouraged to come in every three or four months, due to the advanced level of gum disease.

Dental cleaning

Lady flossing teeth


Fluoride is a natural substance that can be used to strengthen and protect your teeth. Fluoride helps to strengthen your teeth and protect them from tooth decay. As you eat and drink throughout the day, bacteria, sugars, and acids constantly attack and demineralize the enamel layer of your teeth. Fluoride works to remineralize the tooth enamel, preventing tooth decay and cavities. In addition, fluoride can strengthen the teeth as they develop to make sure they are strong and healthy, making fluoride very important for children as their teeth grow in.


Good nutrition plays a large role in your dental health. Brushing and flossing help to keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong however a balanced diet will help to boost your body’s immune system, leaving you less vulnerable to oral disease.

Ideal Protein

Our practice also offers the Ideal Protein Protocol, it is a ketogenic medical protocol whose three phases are designed to help you set, achieve and maintain your weight loss goals. By eating Ideal Protein foods, the Protocol helps to lose weight while sustaining muscle mass and teaching you how to develop smarter eating habits and lifestyle choices.

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